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Commodity name:Gauze and Non-woven Dressing

Category of:Home

Approval number:CE No. G2130544763023

Product packaging:Sterile pack, Non-sterile pack

Product specifications:5cm×5cm, 10cm×10cm, etc

Use tag:Wound care, skin disinfection and cleaning

Brief description
Gauze Swabs
Gauze swabs are made from 100% skim bleached cotton,and there are mainly two types: with or without X-ray detectable yarn. Besides, different mesh,different size and packing are available.
1) High absorbency, super softness and patient comfort
2) No fluorescence, lower water-soluble substances
3) B.P. & J.P. standard.
4) Folded edge or non-folded edge
Indications for use:
For liquid absorption during surgical operation, stop bleeding, clean or cover minor wounds, etc.