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Commodity name:X-Ray Detectable Yarn

Category of:Home

Approval number:

Product packaging:Reel form

Product specifications:Blue,green,black

Use tag:Sewing or thermal-heating in wound dressing

Brief description
PP Surgical X-ray Detectable Yarn
It is a kind of multi-filament Polypropylene coated ultrafine soft X-ray detectable threads. They are often attached to surgical dressings by thermal-heating or weaving methods, such as gauze swabs, gauze balls, medical abdominal pads, surgical towels that are required to have the X-ray detectable elements inside for post-operational safety examination.
1. Water-washing resitant, non-discoloring
2. High strength, high elongation 
3. EB irradiation sterilization, EO gas sterilization, High-temperature steam sterilization
4. No polyvinylchloride element and it has no harm to human
Used for sewing or thermal-heating in medical dressings,like gauze sponges or swabs.