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Commodity name:Hydrocolloid Dressing

Category of:Home

Approval number:CE No.G2130544763022

Product packaging:Sterile pack

Product specifications:5cm×5cm,10cm×10cm,etc

Use tag:For slightly or moderately exudating wounds

Brief description
Hydrocolloid Dressing 
Hydrocolloid dressing contains mainly hydrocolloids CMC, elastic polymer and etc.The outer layer is polyurethane film. It has excellent absorbency, permeability, waterproof and self-adhesive.It can swell after absorbing wound exudates, creating a moist environment to accelerate wound healing.
1. Highly absorption capability, Excellent integrity when wet
2. Maintain moist environment and accelerate wound healing process
3. Waterproof, breathable, protect the wound from microbial invasion
4. Good elasticity, comfortable, free movement, apply to any parts of wounds.
5. Easy to peel off, no adherence to wound, effectively release pains 
6. Semi-transparent, easy to observe wound healing process.
For slightly or moderately exudating wounds:
1. Superficial wounds and cosmetic wound.
2. Donor sites.
3. First & Second degree burns. 
4. Post operative wounds.
5. Chronic wound, such as bedsores, leg ulcer, diabetes feet etc.