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Commodity name:Alginate Dressing

Category of:Home

Approval number:CE No.G1130344763021

Product packaging:Sterile pack

Product specifications:Adhesive,Non-adhesive

Use tag:For moderately to heavily exudating wounds

Brief description
Alginate Dressing
It is mainly consistsed of calcium alginate fibers, extracted from brown seaweed.When contacting with wound exudates, it creats a protective cushioning gel and optimal moist environment, which  can result in wound healing faster. Excess wound exudate is absorbed in this process.
1) Mixture of natural seaweed fibre with Ca+, has good histo compatibility
2) The release of Ca+ activate thrombinogen and improve hemostasis
3) Form a soft gel on the wound surface and create the moist healing environment
4) Strong absorption, can absorb the quantity of exudates 12 times of its own weight
For moderately to heavily exudating wounds, including:
1. Trauma wounds
2. Pressure ulcers
3. Diabetic ulcers
4. Leg ulcers
5. Graft and donor site ulcers
6. Post-operative surgical wounds